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Web Hosting

Fast, secure, reliable hosting
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Unlimited disk space & bandwidth

Industry leading page load times

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

24/7 support and security monitoring

Update 1/11/16: This is No Longer Current Information

So we all know what we're talking about, right? Good old shared web hosting, the bread and butter of the hosting business. Lots of little websites jostling side by side on the same server, sharing their joys, their pains, and their guaranteed 99% uptime. Not too many, of course, that would negatively impact the industry leading page load times (how fast your page loads) mentioned in the header. Shared hosting is appropriate for most brochureware sites, i.e., simple sites that just get the brand, the store hours and location out to the viewer. If you have 5000 visitors or less a month and you don't do any extensive processing, like, say, an ecommerce site, this is what you need. Not to say we couldn't build you a Magento site or add WooCommerce to your Wordpress site on shared hosting, but if your store has any growth to it you'll end up moving it to a VPS or dedicated server anyways, so why set the website up twice?

Anyhow, you'll probably only need the Economy Plan if you only have one website. That's 100 GB of space, unlimited bandwidth, 100 Email accounts and 10 MySQL databases. Plenty for your Wordpress blog, and it costs less than a burger and fries (click here for current prices), and they would clog your arteries anyway. If you need to put up more than one website then the Deluxe is what you need. The Ultimate comes with Premium DNS, an SSL certificate which you'll need if you plan on putting up an e-commerce site, and a fixed IP address. You should take the time and price it out individually as well, you might get a better deal if you stuck with the Deluxe and bought the certificate, DNS, and IP address separately.

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