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Managed Wordpress

Managed WordPress

You create your own dynamic site.
We manage your setup, backups and security.

Blazing speed.

Powerful design.

Hassle-free hosting.

So basically, this is the same as most other managed Wordpress plans that you see on other hosting sites. At the entry level, you get one Wordpress site, 10G of data, (15 or 30G with the higher level plans) automatic backups, and we update core Wordpress for you automatically. Here's the thing: unlike some web hosting companies, our price ( click here for current prices) is not some introductory, getting to know you price that gets jacked up once the honeymoon period is over but you put so much effort into getting your site set up that now you're stuck with the rate hike. It's just the same, old, boring, low price all the time. So you don't get the thrill of having snagged a sale, but the coins that remain in your pocket once you have to renew your plan make a nice jingly sound. Ka-ching!

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