We got hosting. Big honkin’ servers, little tiny servers, shared hosting, cloud servers, plans for every conceivable use and budget. It makes us tired just thinking about all the hosting we got. Click the button and take a look. We need to take a nap.

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What’s in a name? Your domain name is your branding, your identity. It’s the first and most memorable thing about your organization. Grab your domain name before someone else beats you to it!

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Email Etc.

Email is still the app that made the Internet great! Our plans range from single accounts to Microsoft Exchange packages, but the one thing that remains the same is the value and support!

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Our Core Value Proposition


Lillibilli is a domain and hosting reseller. What does that mean? It means we sell domains, hosting, website builders, email plans and more for a larger, much better known provider. That provider stays well known because of their massive advertising budget, and the cost of that budget is reflected in their prices. At Lillibilli, this is our advertising right here (plus some inexpensive Facebook ads). Because we put only a minimal amount of money into advertising, and we don’t need to buy our products from the ┬álarger, much better known provider, you get all the quality and customer support that they can provide at comparable and often lower prices than they can ask, depending on whether they are running sales and how low they allow us to set our prices. Our promise is to set all our prices as low as we can. If you see a price that seems too high, let us know at (toohigh at lillibilli dot com) and we will check the price is our rock bottom lowest.